32 oz. Citrus Formula Refill Bladder (2 pack)

Manufacturer: Germstar

Germstar® Citrus was developed to yield a pleasurable sanitizing
experience, with 63% Ethyl alcohol, sourced from grain, reducing
Petroleum Carbonate and oil dependency. Proprietary emollients
reduce the alcohol scent and leave hands softened and citrus refreshed.

Our solution is certified according to the ASTM Standard D6866 for bio-based
hand cleansers and sanitizers.

Like all Germstar® sanitizer solutions, Germstar® Citrus is hospital strength,
killing 99.99% of common disease-causing germs on contact, yet leaving the
hands moisturized and soft with no sticky residue. Our sanitizer can be used
anywhere without water.

32 oz. refill bladder:
Used in conjunction with our patented
touchless dispensers, i.e. bank or hotel
lobbys, buffet line, outside
restrooms,lunch/break room, fitness
clubs, schools and cafeterias, etc.
(1 refill bladder yields up to 2,000 washes)