45LS Fiber-optic Highspeed Surgical Handpiece (Rear Exhaust)
Manufacturer: Sabra Dental Products

OMS45-FO Highspeed Fiber-optic Handpiece (Rear Exhaust)

The Sabra OMS series handpiece is designed for best access to 3rd molars.
Its rear exhaust design vents the air back into the dental unit, away from the oral cavity.

Rear exhaust - No Air jet into operative site
The highest torque handpiece of its kind
Quick connect swivel type handpiece
Light weight & well balanced
Quiet- 54.3 decibels- The quietest air driven handpiece in Dentistry
Bright high quality, optic bundles
Easy to maintain

See handpiece couplers, as most Sabra handpieces are quick connect type handpieces and require a coupler to attach to your dental unit.