Twist Prophy Cups / Soft Cup

90° reciprocating prophy angle that eliminates splatter and heat.
Manufacturer: Crosstex

Twist is the first and ONLY disposable 90° reciprocating prophy angle that eliminates spatter and heat.


● Unique, patented OSCILLATING MOTION
● Eliminates splatter of prophy paste, blood, saliva and other potential infectious matter
● Eliminates frictional heat – remains cool for increased patient comfort
● Allows you to maintain continuous contact and pressure on tooth surface for maximum stain removal
● Ergonomically superior – No more “lift and dab” technique
● Safe for use on gingival margins and exposed dentin
● Ideal for applying dental medicaments, and preparing teeth for etchants and bleaching procedures
● Only effective prophy angle brush for orthodontic cases – use on and in between brackets, wires and bands

Product Name: TWIST® Prophy Angle
Latex: No
CE: Yes
Made in USA: Yes